Friday, May 05, 2006

Looking for sun, head up Pikes Peak

These are the days in Colorado Springs that are best for a good steep mountain hike. It's murky down here (and cold) but sunny up above. And for me, there is nothing cooler than starting in the murk and climbing up through to the sun. That last layer of cloud almost seems to glow just before you break through.

Right now, the cloud deck seems to be at about 10,000 feet, according to the Pikes Peak Summit cameras. So, any hike above that will get you into the sun. Some favorites: Mount Rosa, Mount Manitou, Barr Trail, or just drive up the Pikes Peak Highway. But bring a sweater. Just 'cause the sun's out, doesn't mean it's warm.
(I can't believe I ended the blog that way. I've now officially become my parents.)

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