Thursday, May 04, 2006

Keeping the Ute Mountain Trail Open

The mouth of the Ute Mountain Trail, which leaves from a small lane between the Cog Railway parking lots and a batch of rundown cabins in western Manitou Springs, may be closed when the cabin area is re-developed into condos. At least that's the concern of many Manitoids who love using this historic trail.

Jonathan, one of our readers, e-mailed to say there are public meetings about the development happening, starting today, for anyone who wants to add their two cents.

Here's a schedule from him:

The public comment is scheduled today from 5 to 7 at the property (top of Ruxton Avenue just east of the cog). The planning dept. meeting is May 10. The city council meeting is May 23, I believe.

I would like to encourage anyone who is concerned to stop by one or all of the meetings.
Contact Jonathan for more info: 719-473-8844

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