Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Did you hear the one about the lost hikers?

A couple lost in the mountains above my hometown for three nights were found alive Tuesday. They survived by scavenging items from the backpack of a hiker who vanished a year ago. Talk about good luck-bad luck.

From press reports, it sounds like the two Dallas residents, both in their 20s, rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and set off on the warren of trails that branch out behind the restaurant/tram station. They weren't dressed for hiking, let alone spending the night in the shadow of Mount San Jacinto (10, 804 feet).

In addition to thanking their rescuers, the two paid tribute to John Donovan, 60, who disappeared while hiking in May 2005. His backpack provided the couple with matches, food and heavy clothing.

Donovan was last seen in the San Jacinto Wilderness on May 3, 2005, about two weeks after he retired. A friend believes Donovan got hurt and froze to death in a snowstorm that blew in. The two lost hikers are lucky they didn't get caught in a similar storm. Rescuers found them at about 4,500 feet near Tahquitz Canyon - about 2½ miles from the tram. Overall, they're fine.

I guess it still needs to said - we can't hear it enough! - always be prepared.

Thanks to Gary R. Burzell for use of the great photo. Brings back memories.

(posted by editor Dena)

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MARYBETH said...

Come by and see the amazing OWL family that has graced our big desert tree 4 days ago. They appear to be nesting!