Thursday, May 18, 2006

Be a man! Aron Ralson will tell you how with the help of Burt Reynolds

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Aron Ralston first came into the national spotlight when he had his hand caught under a boulder in a Utah canyon and used a pocket knife to cut it off. Now he's part of a new Miller Lite ad campaign featuring a panel of manly men, including panel moderator Burt Reynolds, doling out advice for other men. (Is it appropriate to take home beer you brought to a party? How long must you wait to sleep with a buddy's X?)

But here's the thing. Ralston doesn't drink Miller Lite. Or any Lite. A true Colorado mountain dude, Ralston is a bit of a beer snob. The last time I met him we kicked back a few Fat Tire Amber Ales. At the time he was driving at high speed down a dirt track in the Utah desert.
"The irony here is that the last time I drank a Miller was 12 years ago," Ralston joked this week, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "I went against my self-identity, but if it involves Burt Reynolds, I'm there."

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