Thursday, April 06, 2006

A whole new way to hurt yourself on snow

The end of the ski season used to be punctuated by the cardboard derby, a race at A Basin in which teams would build intricate cardboard floats, then bomb down the hill and demolish them. It was great fun, but of course someone got hurt and sued both the sponsor (radio station KBCO) and the host (Vail Resorts) and long story short, adios derby.
But now Monarch is starting a spring fest that seems equally able to provide spectators with blow-out crashes: racing kayaks on snow. This Saturday, the ski hill kicks off its last day with a snow-yak competition that will feature head-to-head slalom courses for whitewater kayaks on the slope, than finish off with a boater-cross that has the potential for as much carnage as the old derby. Viva the end of winter!

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