Friday, April 21, 2006

Unrest on the Intemann Trail

The Intemann Trail in Manitou is one of the most-loved trails in the region. It's also easy to reach, so perhaps vandals who are too lazy to hike further into the mountains just concentrate their efforts there.

Over winter, all but one of the Red Mountain Spur Trail signs (off the Intemann) were stolen, as well as signs at the Iron Spring Trail, including the hand-made wood "Paul Intemann Memorial Nature Trail" sign and a map sign near the spring.

Other Intemann Trail news: According to the trail committee newsletter, hikers have been trespassing on landowner Steve Beisel's land, and an altercation between a hiker and Beisel ended in the landowner being charged with assault. If you hike the Intemann, be sure and follow the map signs - south of the Beisel property, the trail ends at Manitou Mesa Overlook, and north of it, the trail ends at the Crystal Valley Cemetery.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the Intemann Trail newsletter. Would it be unwise to buy a property adjacent to the trail, given the news about vandalism?

Dena Rosenberry said...

You can read newsletters, find out more about the trail, and contact the trail committee at

I wouldn't be too concerned about buying property near the trail. You can contact Manitou PD for confirmation, but I live a few blocks down the hill and haven't heard about vandalism other than the signs, which are probably the result of kids with too much time on their hands.