Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lake Powell will never fill again

The Salt Lake Tribune had a front page story Sunday about how Lake Powell, a 180-mile-long reservoir on the Colorado River, will probably never fill again after years of drought because too many people use the water now. States like Colorado allow less water down the river every year, while states like Arizona demand more more.
The Bureau of Reclamation has decided to manage the reservoir so that it is permanently 70feet below full. That opens up tons of hiking and boating opportunities that have been submerged for decades, including Escalante Canyon and the tail end of Cataract Canyon. And it leaves enough water for motor boaters.
The Bureau says that nothing short of millennial type floods will fill the reservoir again, according to

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Josh Daniels said...

Your information is courtesy of, that is suspect. They are the environmentalist group determined to see the dismemberment of the Glen Canyon Dam and the drainage of Lake Powell. You should provide the opposing views and alternative evidences provided by other organizations as well.