Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bear season

I was just wondering about this earlier today as I refilled my bird feeder on my backyard deck: When will the bears come back?

I just got an answer from Michael Seraphin, information officer for the Colorado Division of Wildlife: The bears ARE back. The DOW has gotten a couple of calls already about the famished creatures.

So I guess it's time to take down the bird feeder unless I want bears feasting mere inches from my back door.

Other tips for co-existing with bears:
** Don't feed them (keep your pet's food inside).
** Don't tempt them with garbage - don't put your cans on the curb the night before. And if you store your cans in the garage, keep your garage door closed. (I learned this the hard way, after finding a cinnamon-colored bear in our gararge one night, munching on the remnants of a Pop Tart.)
** Hang bird feeders or hummingbird feeders from a tree, not from your deck or porch, and bring the feeders indoors at night.

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