Monday, April 24, 2006

And then there were four...

The chutes on Silverton's scary Billboard Peak were closed all winter, but they're open now.
The number of open ski areas in Colorado has been shrinking as if they were finalists on "American Idol." Every week there are fewer and fewer. Breckenridge finished Sunday with its classic local events, the Imperial Challenge and the Bump Buffet.

Now only four areas remain open: A Basin, which often lasts until June (though rarely 'til July, as everyone claims); Silverton, which should have the lift up until mid-May; Loveland, which will be open until May 7; and surprise member of the longevity team Echo Mountain Park, which is open at least through the end of April and maybe longer.

This is also peak season for the state's big mountain backcountry skiers. The snow is stable, after a good winter, there's a ton of it, and the temps have warmed. In fact, Pikes Peak's own big mountain route, the Y couloir, is setting up now. Click here to see it up close.

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