Friday, March 24, 2006

What's Silverton Mountain Really Like? Take a look:

There's so much talk, and so little actual information about Silverton Mountain for two reasons, I think. First, this epic quiver of steeps and chutes has only allowed 80 skiers a day, so very few people have actually been there. Second, those who have been, can't help but turn it into a fish story, where the runs get steeper every time they tell the tale. So what is it really like? Photographer Christian Murdock and I were there in late January. Have a look at what we saw.

Silverton Mountain opens unguided skiing March 31. Now it's your turn. Have you been to Silverton? What tips do you have for people who might go?

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Anonymous said...

Dave and Christian, you seem to be having alot of fun in the back country and beyond. I hope you enjoyed Silverton. I went there once for avy classes a few years back. What a great place.It is only as steep as you want it to be. I thought it was steep, very fun, and fluid. The Peak should be outstanding this Spring. Time to ride locally. Dan Fleming.