Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A tour of the burrow from the BLM

The Bureau of Land Management has started a cool occasional online series called "Road Trips."
The monthly e-mails highlight a program or region of the state that the BLM works with. And it's not the typical "been there, done that" stuff you find in most fliers.
This month, the road trip gives a detailed tour of the Black-Footed Ferret reintroduction program in northwestern Colorado. To see it, click here . Generally, the tour is pretty good. It tells readers the history of how the ferrets grew from a wild population of just 18 in 1985 to a meticulously managed population of about 1,000 today.
It does leave out that Colorado's population has had almost no success in reaching the goal of a reproducing wild population, but it does give readers links to some good ferret-centered nonprofits that offer more info.
You can see the latest road trip at

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