Monday, March 13, 2006

No more blue bus!

Breckenridge is building a new gondola (or gon-DOLE-a, for you Texans out there) that links the mountain with downtown.

According to the Rocky Mountain News: Breckenridge Ski Resort and the Town of Breckenridge announced that construction of a gondola from the town to the resort will start this spring.
The new gondola will start from the Breckenridge Transportation Center located in the parking lot right off historic Main Street and have terminals at both Peak 7 and Peak 8, providing an integral link for skiers, riders and visitors from town to the ski resort base areas.
It will allow the ski resort and the Town to upgrade the skier experience and improve the overall experience by reducing the number of people that need to be bussed to the mountain. In addition to stops at the base areas, the new gondola will include a mid-station at Shock Hill. Setting the stage for the planned developments on Peak 7 and 8, the 8-passenger gondola is expected to be completed by Christmas 2006.

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