Monday, March 27, 2006

Mad about Moab

I'm at the corner of Main and Center Streets in Moab, Utah, watching one car after another cruise past with full racks of bikes, bound for the red desert beyond. It's 60 degrees. The flowers are opening on the cherry trees in town. Spring riding season is in full effect.

This morning, after sleeping out on a gorgeous bluff in the desert where the stars were so bright I had to bury my head in my sleeping bag, photographer Christian Murdock and I rode the 14-mile trail/road to Gemini Bridges, a natural sandstone bridge spanning a dark, echoey canyon.

We weren't there five minutes when about 10 trail bikers pulled up. Then three more. Then four more. Then an old couple with a fancy (but dumb) dog that almost fell in the canyon. Then a mom mountain biked in with her kids. "No, don't throw M&M's down in there" she said. And then the kids did anyway when her back was turned.

This is all just to say that Moab is a wonderful place, but if you take some of the easier, more accessable roads, like the one to Gemini Bridges, you should expect to have some company.

We're here on assignment for two more days. We'd love any hints about what not to miss.
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