Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A letter from the hills

Maybe you caught my story last Sunday on Citizen Chuck, a squatter who has lived in the hills above Manitou Springs for 23 years. Click here for an audio slideshow. When I was working on the story about him, I tried to track down other long-time secret residents of the hills including an intriguing figure named Poet Music Magicsong.
I knew poet had moved to Manitou Springs, but I didn't know where, and since he had no listed number or address, I canvased the town with flyers that said, basically, "Hey, Poet, I want to learn more about your time up in the mountians."
I got no response, which wasn't a huge surprise. After all, I thought, this is a guy who lived in seclusion for years. He probably doesn't want to be bothered.
I guess I was wrong. Old Poet sent me a letter this morning, full of photos of his various camps (like the one above). I was glad to have it. The few fellows who have lived like Poet for years are an overlooked part of our communal story -- a lost part of our history. It makes me feel good to know now that there is at least some record of them.

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Anonymous said...

I also knew Poet Music Magicsong, but before he changed his name. We went to college together back in the 60's at USM in Hattiesburg, MS. I often wondered what ever becoame of him. He is a few years older than I am, so he should be about 68. I would really like to email or write to him. Interesting that he would be living out in the mountains for a time. Hope to hear from somebody. Sheryl Clark Mixey