Thursday, March 16, 2006

Incline times: what means what?

Let me just throw this out there, with the understanding that the Manitou Incline lies partially on private land, and hiking it is trespassing:

How do your tresspassing times compare with others?
This is just a rough list. Please comment below and we'll adjust it:

If you can do it in...

One hour, you're slow, but deserve respect for doing it at all.

50 minutes, you probably didn't stop to rest, even though you wanted to. Good job.

40 minutes, you move slow and steady. You're probably an incline regular.

30 minutes, you probably run races on the weekend for fun.

25 minutes, you probably come close to winning races on the weekend for fun, and pass everyone else on the incline.

20 minutes, you are one of the elite athletes in the city.

18 minutes, you are Matt Carpenter (when he still did the Incline) i.e., you are the fastest hill climber in the state, if not the whole country.


Anonymous said...

You're right on - slow and steady and usually right around 40 minutes - constant forward motion is key.

UltraRob said...

A few years back when I was doing it in the summer training for Montezuma's Revenge I got it just under 30 minutes. The last couple years I've just done it in the winter for cross training. With heavy boots and a pack, I've been in the mid 40 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I just did it in 32 minutes for the first time this year but I run too so that was a little help. So if you are looking at gping out and doing it go for it! And if worse comes to worse ge off at the cut off which is about 1/3 of the way up!

Anonymous said...

That's a great time, Anonymous. Especially for your first hike of the season.

I invite you to log-in at our new site - - and join the Incline Nation.

You can see how you stack up with other Incline users.

Dena Rosenberry