Monday, March 13, 2006

Does falling on your face count as a jump?

OK, if you've read the ski mags
you've seen or heard about the
larger and larger cliff jumps that
guys have been doing in the last
few years.
On the left, Jaime Pierre (red circle) is
dropping a 255-foot cliff.
He landed head-first, in a 6-foot-
deep crater.
Now here's the question: If you can't
ski away, does it count as a successful
cliff drop, or is it just falling?
Andrew Wineke, the Gazette's media
reporter and resident crank says, no way,
it doesn't count. You have to ski away. I say: The criteria for a successful cliff drop is no hospitalization.


AndyW said...

Any idiot can fall off a cliff. That's gravity, not skill.
Kayakers have this conversation all the time about running waterfalls. To count as a successful drop, you have to paddle away at the bottom. That means no auto-ejects, no broken paddles (or bones) and no dying.

For skiers, you can drop a ski, you can almost bite it -- heck, you can do a couple somersaults at the bottom, but after the drama, you have to ski away under your own power. Otherwise, it doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

who cares? he did it in the name of god, and not skiing, so landing was not is goal press was.

Dave Philipps said...

Why is it none of my readers can spell or use a comma?

AndyW said...

Said the pot to the kettle.