Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The challenge of owning Silverton Mountain

I just got off the phone with Jenn and Aaron Brill, who own Silverton Mountain. They are in the midst of getting ready to open the mountain to unguided skiing March 29.
But right now, they have a more pressing problem. One of their resident lodge dogs that lie around by the wood stove recently got a blockage in his intestine and almost died. The vet said it may be caused by stress.
Since the Brills noticed the dog trembles at the sound of avalanche blasting, they figured the blasting might be causing the blockage. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of blasting, both at Silverton Mountain, and around the town of Silverton, so the dog is wreck.
The Brill's solution? Whenever blasting is about to start, turn up the volume on the radio to drown it out.
This morning, while on the phone, I could hear the satellite radio hip hop station blasting.
Apparently, the dog finds the beats quite soothing.
Word is bond.

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