Monday, February 06, 2006

With friends like these, who needs time shares?

Many folks who ski and love Wolf Creek ski area have been following the follies of Texas billionaire B.J. "Red" McCombs, who is trying to build a massive slope-side development at the bottom of the tiny (but snow-rich) ski area against the wishes of the family that owns it.
So far there have been legal battles over a rather shadowy swap of national forest land that gave Red the room for his plans, and a fight over an access road to the parcel through forest land.
But both have failed to halt plans that would condo-ize one of the few undeveloped ski hills in the state.
The latest buzz comes from an article on Sunday in the Denver Post that details how Red McCombs basically picked and installed the bureaucrat who is deciding the access issues through forest land. The article details how the billionaire investor to have Mark Rey, a longtime timber-industry lobbyist, appointed undersecretary of agriculture, overseeing the Forest Service. It goes on to show that Red and Rey met several times, suggesting the developer may have undue influence in the outcome of the access road decision.
What will happen? Stay tuned.


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