Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Slopes not jammed

On big ski weekends, I-70 can turn into a parking lot because of traffic. Not this weekend. President's Day weekend, usually the busiest three-day period of the year for ski resorts, was a little quieter because cold weather scared everyone away. The Denver Post reports 4,000 fewer cars each day through the Eisenhower Tunnel compared with last year.
Those who went were treated with warm, sunny days and basically empty slopes. I skied both days in Summit County and didn't wait in a line once!

If you do ski at Vail, watch out because the cops are spending their days off doing volunteer patrols on the mountain, according to the Aspen Times. What are they looking for? Speeders, of course, plus fights, drugs, and rope ducking. Have you ever gotten that itch when a cop pulls you over to just step on the gas and see if he can catch you? I have to say, the itch would be that much more itchy on skis.

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