Friday, February 03, 2006

Maybe the biggest powder day of the year.

We've got to straighten out a certain outdoor writer's priorities. Yesterday, Deb Acord was here in the newsroom (a rather cheerless place) and blogged that:

I was going to Breckenridge today, but after calling friends there, and checking
road conditions on-line, decided to stay in Colorado Springs.

I was at Breckenridge. The roads, or course, were a little snowy, but the mountain was really snowy. 16 inches in the last 48 hours. Wow.

You hear people talk about face shots. And you assume they are exaggerating. As a unbiased, disinterested journalist, I can tell you, I was getting face shot after face shot skiing off of Chair 6 on Peak 8.
It wasn't one of those bluebird powder days. At points on the ridge above treeline the wind and snow were so heavy it was like having a burlap bag over your face. I couldn't see the skier in front of me.
But between gusts, a magical day.
Never underestimate the power to get through snowy roads when a powder day is calling.
And a tip for readers: U.S. 24 through South Park rarely gets much snow. Often on stormy days, it is the better route to Summit County than I-70, which tends to have more snow and (much worse) more accident-caused traffic jams.
Today, the forecast calls for more snow in the mountains. Should be epic skiing this weekend.

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