Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Losing it

It's being called skier rage. The Associated Press reported a Littleton man says he lost control Sunday and attacked a 16-year-old on the slopes at Steamboat. Randell Berg, 52, allegedly punched a 16-year-old snowboarder after she ran into Berg's 8-year-old daughter and knocked her over. Berg says he lost control when his daughter got hit.

I think many parents can relate to that feeling. Each time somebody has plowed into my daughter - especially near the base of the mountain - I get all Mother Bear and want to hunt down the offending skier or boarder and make them read the Skier Responsibility Code to me.

The 16-year-old wasn't seriously hurt and wasn't reprimanded for running into the younger girl.

Do you think Skier Responsibility Code is doing the job? What do you think should happen to skiers/boarders who hit someone else in a relatively "safe" area?

- Deb

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