Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Looking for Colorado's Classic Peaks? Lower your sights.

Gerry Roach, who has climbed just about every mountain in Colorado and written several swift-selling guide books on the state, has a list of "classic peaks in Colorado" on his Web site.

He only includes one 14er, Snowmass Mountain.. The others are all 13ers or 12ers that few people climb.

Of course any "best peaks" list will always be either incomplete or overindulgent, but I could name ten peaks off the top of my head, starting with Mt. Sneffels, that are classics and don't make this venerable mountaineer's list.

Chime in with your favorites and we'll get a better list going!



UltraRob said...

Without spending much time thinking about it here's some that came to my mind in no particular order.

Teakettle Mtn
Longs Peak
Holy Cross
Vestal Peak
Turret Peak
Pigeon Peak
Crestone Needle
Maroon Bells
Dallas Peak
Little Bear

Dave Philipps said...


Props on Teakettle. I love it.
I have yet to do Vestal and Arrow, but they look great.