Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Light show

A new book arrived in the mail today. Mike Lynch's "Colorado StarWatch: The Essential Guide to Our Night Sky" features constellation charts, star maps, diagrams, illustrations, and photos of astronomical phenomena like the aurora borealis (northern lights). I last saw the lights when I was driving down the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska late on a January night. They shimmered in shades of green and yellow, so bright they illuminated the forests of black spruce that crowd the highway. We learned later that we were lucky - the optimal months for lights viewing in Alaska are in March and September. There are also reports of the lights in Colorado every year. In 2000, the Perseid meteor shower was joined by a burst of the lights. Stargazers found bright red, green and blue curtains engulfing the summit of Hahn's Peak near Steamboat Springs. Have you seen the northern lights on any of your Colorado adventures? Let us know where.
- Deb

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