Monday, February 20, 2006

From toilet bowl to Snowbowl

You gotta feel sorry for skiers in Arizona. The Arizona Snowbowl, one of the state's most popular ski areas, hasn't even opened for the season. The drought that has turned Arizona into a dust bowl this winter has left Snowbowl season ticket-holders waiting, waiting, waiting.
Granted, snow is unpredictable at the Snowbowl, (pictured here in better times) but there have been some snowy winters there in the past. Still, it makes sense that Snowbowl officials went to the Coconini National Forest authorities for permission to make snow. Nobody is arguing with that move.
What they are quarreling about is this: The ski area wants to use treated wastewater from Flagstaff for the snowmaking. Area Indian tribes protested, saying the plan will taint one of their sacred mountains, but a federal judge upheld the Forest Service decision. The tribes and environmental groups have said they will appeal the ruling.
- Deb

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