Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Say hello to Klaus

I couldn't believe it when I was thumbing through the Aspen Daily News and saw Klaus Obermeyer was still hitting the slopes. Klaus invented the quilted ski parka around 1950 when he was a ski instructor because his students only paid if they finished the lesson, and many got cold and went back to the lodge before ski school was over.
Here's the start of a story about better-than-normal snow conditions:
After skiing through over a foot of fresh powder Monday, Klaus Obermeyer said this season ranks among the best he's seen since escaping Nazi Germany and immigrating here in 1947.
"The skiing has been absolutely outstanding," said Obermeyer, a ski-wear manufacturer and 1997 Colorado Ski Hall of Fame inductee who, at the age of 86, continues to carve his graceful turns in Warren Miller's famous ski movies. National Weather Service data supports Obermeyer's grand assessment of the ski season, revealing that Aspen saw 71.8 inches of snow from October through December.

Klaus also developed the first mirrored sunglasses, the first nylon wind jacket, and the first dual ski boot with an inner boot to keep feet warm.

Way to go, Klaus!


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