Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Open again?

Recently, the "L" word threatened the hopes and dreams of peak-baggers. Access to Mount Lincoln (above), 14,286 feet , and five other fourteeners covered partly by private land or mining permits had been closed to hikers because owners had become worried about liability. But the future for those who hadn't crossed those peaks off their list is suddenly brighter. On Monday, Colorado lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a bill that would ease those worries and open the path to hikers again. The bill would relieve landowners of liability as long as there is a marked trail around abandoned mines and warning signs. It's not a sure thing, however. The law would allow but not require landowners to grant access without fear of being sued. For the complete AP story, check out www.gazette.com
Can you name the other fourteeners where access is limited by private property?
Mount Lincoln, 14,286 feet
Mount Cameron, 14,238 feet
Mount Bross, 14,172 feet
Mount Democrat, 14,148 feet
Culebra Peak, 14,047 feet
Wilson Peak, 14,017 feet
- Deb

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UltraRob said...

I've hiked the 100 highest in the state so closing some of them isn't keep me from a goal. Being able to acess the mountains has been such a big part of me growing up in Colorado and I hate to see that slowly being taken away. Especially when it's because of liablity worries.