Friday, January 06, 2006

New ski area slow to start

Some of you may have heard about Echo Mountain Park, the new "skate park on snow" being built on the old site of groovy family 1970s ski area Squaw Pass.
It's being hyped as the future of skiing to cash in on the X-box generation. But, in proper slacker fashion, it was scheduled to open in late November, but dude, there was totally a cement shortage. So then it was December. But Whoa, hella snow. So Fursure January.
The latest, which I heard from the manager, Doug Donovan, about 10 minutes ago, was first thing February. Donovan, by the way, is not some slacker but a very together dude who is opening the first new ski area in Colorado in decades. He may very well revolutionize the industry.
But until the lifts are running, I say, whatever.


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