Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's get this straight

Earlier today, we talked about Colorado's fourteeners on which trails cross private property or mining claims. We got the story right about legislation that could once again give hikers access, but we didn't list the right peaks. The information, supplied by the Associated Press, lists Mount Cameron, which isn't a recognized fourteener on the official list of 54, and missed Mount Sherman, 14,036 feet. And seasoned climbers know it's Mount Wilson, at 12,246 feet, not Wilson Peak.
And another thing: Let's start using the new elevations for the peaks, as determined by the National Geodetic Survey: Lincoln has grown to 14,293 feet. Can you handle that? I'm actually having a hard time readjusting to Pikes Peak's new, loftier elevation.

- Deb


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, you were right the first time, it's Wilson PEAK that has access issues (coming in through the Silver Pick Mine property), not MOUNT Wilson, which is nearby.
Todd Caudle

Todd Caudle said...

Guess I could've tried "other" instead of "anonymous." Must be a lack of Mexican food. Better go grab some grub.

Todd Caudle said...

One more point: Even though Cameron is not considered a separate fourteener due to its close proximity to Lincoln and Bross, it is still a named summit, and has the same access issues as its satellite peaks, and so deserves to be mentioned in your post.