Friday, January 13, 2006

Imperial Express's third grand opening! Really.

Breckenridge's Imperial Express chairlift up to 12,800 feet on Peak 8 has now officially opened three times.
The first time was when it actually opened: Dec. 9 or so.
The second time was the media day a week later: this was marred by zero visibility, 60 m.p.h. winds and sub-zero temperatures that frostbit at least one camera man.
Then on Thursday, Jan. 11, they had a grand opening for the Vail CEO and other high potentates.
Somehow, I got a pass to the shindig and ended up in a hut above treeline where Breck served up the most amazing spread ever: crab legs, caviar (real +$100 an ounce, not farmed), champagne, French cheeses, live music.
Media types are notorious for buffet mooching. Usually we all fight each other for a place at the best food. But this time I was the only media type there. The only buffet shark was a real, three-foot shart (above) laid out on ice with a shrimp in his mouth.Wow, never seen one of those above treeline.
But is champagne and caviar good ski food? One toastette and I was satisfied. I spent the rest of the reception in a back corner with a few blokes from ski patrol who were plotting to steal the shark, slip it in a jacket when no one was looking, then strap it onto the hood of the ski patrol snowmobile.
By the way, for the third grand opening, the weather was terrible. Zero visibility, high winds. Maybe they'll have a fourth.


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