Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Feast and famine

Wolf Creek has a 37-inch base. This is not a joke. The ski area that normally gets about 40 feet of snow a year only has about three on the ground. I've seen that much snow fall at the Wolf in a single weekend. Durango Mountain is hurting too. The culprit is that lesser known accomplice of El Nino, La Nina.

She's back. This cold spot in the Pacific can make or break a ski season. Why? Typically La Nina causes the jetstream to shift to the north, leaving the southern half of the country without moist winds blowing off the Pacific. No winds, no snow. But we should continue to see great snow in the north.

Consider Winter Park, where the mid-mountain base is 64 inches and more snow is on the way. WP is forecasting six inches of snow tonight.

And by the way, the picture above is not Winter Park, or any of the resorts in Colorado. We wish we got that much snow! This is a shot from the trans-Labrador highway in northern Quebec, which was only completed in 2002, and looks to me like it will be reclaimed by the wild before too long.


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