Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fashion forward

So I was reading about the fashion show at the SnowSports Industries America trade show taking place this week in Las Vegas (yes, there was a fashion show), and I started feeling kind of guilty. Just last week, a friend and I were making not-so-nice comments about a woman wearing a psychedelic '80s-era Pucci-esque ski jacket at Copper Mountain. Now I find out that Pucci is back. In fact, the designer has teamed with Rossignol (check out this season's Pucci-designed Rossi skis here) and next season will introduce, you guessed it, a Pucci-printed suit. That's right, one-piece suits are also coming back, but they aren't the ones you've seen in the lift lines this year - all shiny and usually too tight, cinched in at the waist and puffy in the shoulders. Along with Rossignol, Roxy and Burton are in on the one-piece act, but you can bet their versions won't invoke memories of the disco floor. - Deb

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