Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ski Alert!!!

No, using three exclamation points is not too brash. The sun may be out here, but it dumped in the mountains last night! Who knew? Above is the view from Two Elk Lodge at Vail as of 8:25 a.m. Snow is expected to continue today. Tomorrow will be partly sunny. Then two more days of snow before the weekend. Here's the current count:
Vail -- 13 inches. (19 in the last 48 hours)
A-Basin -- 14 inches.
Monarch -- 8 inches
Copper Mountain -- 11 inches
Silverton -- 22 inches

The only mountain to not get at least four inches is Wolf Creek, which only has a 29-inch mid-mountain base. Poor Wolf Creek, which is usually the snowiest area of the state, keeps missing the storms. Only 67 inches this year. I've seen it snow almost that much in a weekend there before.

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Cat said...

We live in Pagosa Springs (base of Wolf Creek) and we're getting plenty now :) I'm ready to ski!

I'm unsure yet what Wolf Creek's totals are but we have almost 2 feet here and it's still going.