Thursday, December 29, 2005


I stood on Dercum Mountain at Keystone Resort Wednesday afternoon and wondered if what I was seeing was real: Hundreds of skiers and boarders in various states of falling, turning or colliding literally covered the trail that had become a layer of ice covered by little moguls of kicked-up snow. How could anyone ski or ride through that sea of sweaty humanity? I found myself wishing resorts - not just Keystone but any of the bigger areas in Colorado - could find a way to set limits for capacity. Restaurants, bars and arenas have them because officials know that an overcrowded building is unsafe. What about a mountain trail, especially during a holiday week? I know that resorts count on skier numbers and brag about how many people they can haul uphill per day with their high-speed lifts. But once all those people get off the lift and head downhill, it becomes a scene not unlike that on a crowded I-70 during an ice storm. Am I alone in my frustration over crowds or do you agree? Let me know by commenting here, or e-mail me at - Deb

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