Thursday, December 29, 2005

In Mirkwood Basin, where the powder lies

So Thursday I drove to Monarch to check out Mirkwood basin for the first time. This is the new mad vertical expert area Monarch added to the north of its existing runs. Just past Salida, as the photog (grapher) and I started to climb the pass, it started dumping. I don't mean, "oh look snowflakes" dumping. I mean jackknifed trucks and spinning Texans on the highway dumping.
We made it to Monarch anyway, but Mirkwood was closed.
"Too much snow," the guys at patrol said. "But it will be sick tomorrow."
That tomorrow is basically now: Friday.
No one is there.
Well, actually, a swarm of Texans are there, but they don't ski Mirkwood. They ski the greens, ya'll.
If you can pull it off, go to Monarch now.
That is all.....


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