Thursday, December 22, 2005

Filling in

Andy Wineke, the Gazette's TV writer, here. Dave and Deb asked me to fill in today so they could go skiing or something. It's hard being an outdoors writer. Very, very hard.

Today, I'm pondering the mountain forecast. My wife and I are headed to Uncle Bud's for a Christmas hut trip this weekend (you can read more about Colorado's backcountry hut system Dec. 30 when Dave has a story planned. Ask him how he knows to put "hut lock combination" on the "before you leave" list).

Up near Leadville, it will be right around freezing Saturday with a chance of snow showers -- that's a recipe for sticky snow. There is nothing worse than slogging up to a hut with four inches of snow clinging to your skis with every step (ask me how I know). I'd better put another layer of Glop Stop on my skins.

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