Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Both big and old, but one is not quite dead

Two items in the Gazette caught my eye this morning: first the news of the possible world-record-sized big horn sheep that just died. Second, a possible suspect in the world-record-cost eco-sabotage case of "who burned down Two Elks Lodge" that I thought was dead.
In 1998, when the lodge burned, a statement about the fire was signed "Earth Liberation Front" or ELF.

What's more surprising, finding a massive big horn living in Pueblo West, or finding an ELF seven years after a crime living in Portland?

I vote for the elf. In the months that followed the fires, I remember rumors in Vail and Boulder of undercover FBI agents everywhere searching for these guys. The usual suspects at the EARTHFIRST! collective in Boulder were questioned, but the trail was cold. A gas can found by a hunter several months later obviously did not help much.

But something new must have popped up because Oregon resident Chelsea Dawn Gerlach was charged with the crime. It will be interesting to see what evidence the Feds have on a case that has been dead for so long.
As for our recently departed big horn. We wish him luck with the Boone and Crockett guys.

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