Thursday, December 15, 2005

the big ticket this weekend

The U.S. Snowboard Championship Grand Prix is finishing up in Breckenridge Friday and Saturday.
All the top riders are there hitting the pipe because this is their last chance to qualify for the Olympics. The action in the pipe is the best you'll see anywhere, and it's free. This would be like if all the best N.B.A. players got together for a dunking contest and just gave away tickets.
It shouldn't be missed.
Then, Saturday night the folks in Breckenridge have set up a "rail jam" under the lights where the pros can strut their stuff without worrying about points, accompanied by the sounds of Digital Underground. (Remember The Humpty Dance?)

We can debate why in the last two or three years ski towns have embraced early 90s rap acts later. For now, just get up there and enjoy yourself. You don't have to be handy on a board to be wowwed by these athletes.


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