Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back on the Trail

After a few days of candy canes and roast beef and sugar plums and all that other Christmas stuff, I took a long, cleansing run up Longs Ranch Road, across to Barr Trail, and down to Manitou.
I was thrilled! I'd never been on this utilities service road before. It makes a great, although steep, loop that doesn't see much foot traffic, and because it is closed to motor vehicles, sees even less tire traffic.
I recommend it in the next few days as snow continues to melt.

By the way, for more news and pictures of local runs, as well as occasional anti-war ruminations, check out Steve Bremner's blog "talking sense". He took this picture on Longs Ranch Road during a run on Saturday.

What's up with the guy in the shorts? Brrr!

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Steve Bremner said...

That picture is actually from last winter. For the two Incline Club runs up Longs Ranch from this year go to: