Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Wild west side.

Bob Gelow, a reader who lives near Bear Creek Park, sent in scenes from jousting bucks that are squaring off in his yard.He wrote to say "I have lived in this house for the past 5 years, and during that time we have had daily visits from the deer spring through fall. I believe they tend to stay higher up in the foothills during winter. Two years ago a doe gave birth to triplets in our back yard where our property meets the pasture along Bear Creek Park (attached below). They were very comfortable around us and stayed there until late summer when the fawns were ready to head out into the world. When we saw the three bucks this year in the yard at different times, we hoped it was the three fawns coming back to visit"
I've noticed the deer are getting a bit complacent in that area of town. Maybe they don't know suburban mountain lions are also prowling the 'hood. Although, it seems, those cats appear to prefer to dine on doggies.

Speaking of the wild west side, I was mountain biking with photographer Christian Murdock in Stratton Open Space yesterday afternoon and came around a corner in the oak brush to see a large house cat sitting in the middle of the trail. Then I noticed the tufts on the ears and realized it was a bob cat! After years on the trails, it's the first time I've ever seen the little bob-tailed critter. In a few seconds, he was gone. How long will I have to wait before I cross paths with one again? - Dave

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Momo said...

The pictures are beautiful! Good to finally see Bob's name OUTSIDE of the 'Crime Stoppers' section.