Monday, November 28, 2005

When to skip work:

At what point is there so much snow that work must take a back seat? Last night the mountains got anywhere from 2.5 to 5 inches of snow. Clearly if they're measuring in half-inch intervals, the snow is not deep enough to justify calling in sick. And just as clearly, if they're are measuring in feet, there is nothing to do but pack up the car and practice your best fake cough.
But where is the in between?
I lived for a while after college just down valley from Aspen and had a boss who had a "10-inch rule." If 10 inches of snow had fallen, we didn't have to show up to work until noon.
Is 10 inches the magic number? Or does the fact that people in the Pikes Peak Region have to drive at least two hours to reach the closest hill bump up the amount to 14 inches?
Last time I skipped work was an epic 20-inch day at Mary Jane, but often, I get to ski on the clock, so I'm not the right person to suggest a level.
Where do we draw the line? How deep does it have to be for everyday life to wait?


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