Friday, November 04, 2005

Rampart Range Trails

Reader Jason D. wrote in to say: I recently moved to the area and just yesterday took Rampart Range Road from Garden of the Gods to Rampart Reservoir. Upon arriving and discovering the kayak sitting on top of my Jeep was worthless due to the closing of the reservoir to boat in Oct. I decided to find some trails running off the road. I was very disappointed to not find any. With the amazing views from the north side of the range it is truly a shame there are not more (or any) trails running in this area. Am I wrong? Did I miss them?

Well, sorry, yes.
Rampart Res. has a classic running trail going around the shore. It's also a good mountain bike ride.
Rampart doesn't have many great trails, but you can also tap into Waldo Canyon from above if you know where to look. (On this map they call it the RRR.)
Finally, if you don't mind walking right by the shooting range, you can drop down into Williams Canyon for an awesome hike.

Anyone new to the area should pick up a copy of the Pikes Peak Atlas. It's got enough trails to keep you busy for years. -Dave

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