Thursday, November 03, 2005

On off-road

The U.S. Forest Service announced Wednesday that local managers would now decide where visitors can use off-road vehicles. That was nothing new for the Pikes Peak District, which has been operating on that kind of plan since 1990. Among its most popular off-road areas: trail 717, a behemoth that crisscrosses the forest for more than 60 miles west of Divide and north of Woodland Park (see rock towers from there at left). What do you think about the current management of trails like this one? Is it working? Are there enough trails for off-roaders and enough for those who explore the forest on bikes or on foot? If you're a hiker, do you avoid off-road areas like 717? E-mail your comments to
- Deb

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Jason D. said...

I recently moved to the area and just yesterday took Rampart Range rd. from Garden of the Gods to Rampart Reservoir. Upon arriving and discoving the Kayaking sitting on top of my Jeep was worthless due to the closing of the reservoir to boat in Oct. I decided to find some trails running off the road. I was very disappointed to not find any. With the amazing views from the north side of the range it is truly a shame there are not more (or any) trails running in this area. Am I wrong? Did I miss them? If not, is there something we can do about it?