Monday, November 14, 2005

Grande dame of nature writing has stroke!

Ann Zwinger, naturalist, prolific author, Newberry Medal-winner, and one of the most constant and clear voices for wild places in the west had a stroke late last week. Zwinger, who is 80, is recovering at her Colorado Springs home.
Until last week she led a remarkably active lifestyle. For years she has rafted down the Grand Canyon at least once a year, and taught countless outdoor nature-writing classes, sleeping in a tent, eating lunch in the shade of junipers, and savoring clarity of being away from "that darn e-mail" and other modern conveniences she always tolerated with exasperated politeness.
I've been a friend of Ann for years. It wasn't unusual to invite her over for a cup of coffee only to hear back weeks later that she had been off somewhere in the Utah desert or cataloguing rare plants on Greek islands.
I wish her the best.

Her family asks that no visitors come by until she has had more time to recover a bit.


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