Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The fuzz is fussing about big groups of bikers

The Colorado State Patrol has announced a new policy this month banning the biggest bicycle events in Colorado! The policy limits bicycle and triathlon events to 2,500 riders on state roads. Bicycle tours, races, charity rides, group rides, and triathlons are all affected.

So what gives? The Patrol says the new rules are for safety, but these big rides are remarkably injury free, more so than small, unofficial group rides. One might think it's the cost of policing these huge events and closing down roads, but the events hire off-duty officers at around $15 an hour, so the cost to the government is nil.

Bicycle Colorado has spoken with the Patrol, pointing out that these rules don't make sense and they should have been involved with making the rules, but gotten no response.
So instead, they have turned to the media. And to the public.
If you enjoy large group rides like the MS 150 and Elephant Rock, let your voice be heard by signing a petition at


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