Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Don't think I'll be subscribing....

The Gazette's TV writer, Andy, handed me a press release trumpeting the start of Snowshoe Magazine, the "world's first and only magazine devoted to the sport of snowshoeing."
We're thinking this might be too miniscule of a niche to really take off. After all, even if you are "like, so stoked" about snowshoeing, do you really want to read about it? Every month? Year after year?
That would get old even if you lived in an igloo.
But if you do decide to subscribe, here's what you can look forward to in the first issue, no joke:

* Snowshoeing in an Austrian Winter Wonderland
* The Atlas Trans-Sierra Snowshoe Trek
* Interviewing "The String Cheese Incident"
* Snowshoe Thompson's Legacy Lives On
* Snowshoeing Yoga
* Professor Jim Joque provides some first-timer advice
* A selection of destinations, a calendar of races/competitions, and much more

By the way, take those snowshoes to Vail. They've had 48 inches in the last seven days!


1 comment:

mtn guy said...

is the sub title "Walking in the tracks of skiers everywhere!"