Monday, October 31, 2005

A snow-free Halloween?

On the right is a current picture of Monument. This protrait of misery is relevant farther down. Keep reading.

Growing up in Colorado Springs, one always had to have a back-up cold weather Halloween costume: an Eskimo, a yeti, Sir. Edmund Hillary -- something that could survive the inevitable snow and gale force winds that seem to haunt every trick or treat night on the Front Range. After all, it's no fun to go as a pixie or a surfer and spend the night with your costume covered by a coat.
My mom tells stories about dressing my sister up when she was a tot as a bag of catfood -- just wrapping her up in a blanket and sticking her in the bag.
Those were the days when that sort of stuff was allowed.
I once went as a 10th mtn. ski trooper and actually was able to ski to a few houses.
But not today. Unless you are one of those "don't know any better" new arrivals who moved to Monument where it's always cold and either snowing or hailing, than this is shaping up to be a gorgeous, crisp, blue fall day.

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