Friday, October 28, 2005

In today's Out There

We have the story of two well-heeled pro kayakers trying to heal Colorado's suburban woes. Their idea is to make mountain towns look like the towns they love again, places like Salida or downtown Aspen.
Which begs the question, what are the great Colorado Mountain towns, based only on layout and feel of the town.
I'm voting for Telluride. Lake City might be a close second.
What do you think?
- Dave


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Brian Mc. said...

I've never been to telluride but I did live in Aspen for a year and it's great town. As a tourist you see one side of Aspen but when you're a local you see another side, a better side in my opinion. A side where the barter system is alive and well. A side where you can rely on your friends until next pay day or they can rely on you. And you can't beat the proximity to Ajax. Get rid of all the high rollers and the high roller wannabes and Aspen is a great town again.

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