Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Friday in Out There

Check out Friday's Gazette where we have the lowdown on one of the coolest housing developments in Colorado. I never thought "coolest" and "development" would every be in the same sentence I typed, but this isn't your typical hatchet job. A brother and sister pair of pro kayakers put together a new section of Buena Vista that looks like the old section, but better because it's built on one of the world's longest kayak parks. Traditional neighborhood. Gnarly play holes.

That's all you are going to get from me today, because I am off to the far weird reaches of north western Colorado on a story tracing the success of the Black Footed Ferret. It went from seven remaining breeding ferrets in 1987 to something close to 1,000 today. Wow.

I'll try to post about seeing the little fur slinkies in action Thursday night. - Dave

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