Wednesday, October 19, 2005

D'oh and double d'oh!

So this guy from Cali who was going to B.A.S.E. jump off Gateway Rock Tuesday would have leaped 280 feet if he hadn't fallen and broken several bones.
But what would have happened if he had jumped.? I'm guessing more broken bones.
So, am I wrong? Someone tell me how much vert you need for the 'chute to open.

By the way, you can't read about B.A.S.E. jumping without finding some really funny stories
Here are two from El Capitan, the sheer cliff in Yosemite that has become a Mecca for jumpers, even though National Park rules forbid jumping.
One was by Frank Gamboli. After his jump down El Cap, he saw park rangers closing in on him. He tried to escape by swimming across a river and drowned.
The 'chute of a woman, who was jumping to protest the Park Services rules, failed to open and she plunged to her death.


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