Monday, July 23, 2007

Climb a 14er this weekend? Compare your time

In the era of the Internet, you have to expect someone to keep a running tally of just about every record. No different with Colorado's 14ers.
A list of the most speedy climbs is compiled here.
Some of the records are for straight forward ascents, such as a round-trip of Quandry Peak in 1 hour, 45 minutes. Others are standing challenges much discussed by locals, but often kept out of the guide books, such as the Nolan's 14 (All 14 14er's in the Sawatch Rang -- 90 miles with 44,000 vertical feet of climbing.) in 54 hours, 57 minutes.

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Zen said...

People get bored with climbing 14ers, people start timing themselves. People get bored with timing themselves, people will start climbing naked. People get bored with climbing naked, people will climb with a 50lb lead weight in their bag.

People get bored.